About Us

KarKat Fashion was founded in 2012 to present Tendam brands in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine.

Tendam is one of Europe’s leading fashion retailers operating in the specialized chain segment. It is made up of four own brands: Cortefiel, Springfield, women’secret, and Pedro del Hierro and an outlet chain: Fifty Factory. The Group is present in 65 countries with 1,900* points of sale.

Tendam started out in 1880 as a family-run haberdashery store situated on Calle Romanones in Madrid. Over the years, this small business would move into other areas including textile production, before finally channelling its efforts into distribution, its major activity over the last few decades.

1933 saw the creation of the La Palma shirt factory, which included the most advanced production techniques of the day. It was followed in 1945 by the tailoring factory, which in 1946 produced the first men’s suits under the Cortefiel label. In 1954, and coinciding with the founding of Manufacturas del Vestido, the firm became a holding company.

The Group continued to grow during the 1980s with the creation of the men’s tailoring brand Milano (1984) and its casual youth fashion brand, Springfield (1988). In 1989 the firm acquired Pedro del Hierro, and in 1993 launched women’secret, its underwear and swimwear brand created by and for women.

During the eighties work also got underway on the diversification of the Group’s retail formats, driven by the need to provide the Group with greater capacity for growth and segmentation and the ability to meet consumers’ needs.

Its international expansion strategy dates back to 1993, although the period of fastest growth was registered between 2000 and 2003, when the sales surface area handled by the Group increased by more than 70%. In 2005 MEP Retail acquired a stake in the Group, bringing about a change in the share ownership and management team. This same period also saw a sharp rise in the Group’s global franchise business.

Tendam is currently present in 65 markets and has 1,900 points of sale for its Cortefiel, Springfield, women’secret and Pedro del Hierro brands as well as Fifty Factory, its outlet chain.